Terms of service

In digital merges, where pathways intertwine,
A service emerges, a concept refined,
A place where your URLs, you can swiftly confine,
To tiny links, in a manner benign.

Here on Tinylink.info, we bid you a welcome,
To explore the domain of the short link emblem.
A service designed to swiftly enable,
Your web navigation, in a manner so nimble.

Yet with power comes responsibility, it's true,
For every short URL, each link that we construe,
Carries a weight, a purpose to pursue,
And terms of use, we'd like to construe.

In this agreement, we make it quite clear,
The limits of usage, actions to adhere.
Illegal intent, we cannot revere,
For Tinylink.info, the way must be clear.

Phishing, a practice deceitfully sly,
Will not be tolerated, you must comply.
Fraudulent schemes, we'll not let fly,
Through link shorteners, we will not be awry.

Scams and deceptions, all in disguise,
Must be far from our realm, no need to surmise.
Innocent users, we aim to advise,
Their safety preserved, in Tinylink's eyes.

Viruses and Trojans, both malicious and vile,
Will find no haven in our URL's mile.
Infections we'll thwart, with unwavering style,
As guardians of links, we go the extra mile.

Copyright violations, we cannot endorse,
Infringing on rights, we won't take that course.
Respect intellectual property, stay on course,
For fair use and creativity, we'll gladly endorse.

Tinylink.info, a short link oasis,
Where legal use thrives, and your trust we embrace.
With every click, we ensure your safe passage,
By abiding these terms, we maintain that vantage.

So, let's keep it clean, within the bounds of the law,
Shorten URLs with Tinylink, with no fatal flaw.
Be responsible, wise, and in awe,
Of this service we offer, without any draw.

In this Terms of Use page, we conclude our song,
Urging you to use Tinylink right and strong.
For legality and ethics, let's get along,
And with short links, your journey prolong.